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Furniture Moving Straps

Furniture Moving Straps

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Introducing our Furniture Moving Straps - your ultimate solution for safe and hassle-free heavy lifting!

Say goodbye to strained backs and sore muscles with these innovative straps. Designed to promote proper body mechanics and leverage, they make lifting heavy objects a breeze. Whether you're moving furniture, mattresses, or even firewood, these straps have got you covered.

With their easy-lifting handle, these straps add functionality and convenience to any object, allowing you to move with ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to cumbersome dollies and hand trucks - simply strap up and go!

Perfect for use around the house, in the yard, or during a move, these furniture moving straps are a must-have for any homeowner or DIY enthusiast. Don't risk injury - invest in the safety and convenience of our Furniture Moving Straps today!


Product Specifications:

Product opening length: 1.7m

Handle width: 150CM (ribbon width: 10CM)

adjustable length: 82-170CM

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