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Easy Grip 40 Piece Artist Paint Brush Set with Storage Case - Includes Round and Flat Art Brushes with Hog, Pony, and Nylon Hair Bristles

Easy Grip 40 Piece Artist Paint Brush Set with Storage Case - Includes Round and Flat Art Brushes with Hog, Pony, and Nylon Hair Bristles

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  • Is your acrylic brush set keeping your from creating a masterpiece?

    Highly skilled artists may be able to create masterpieces using whatever they have on hand, but good tools make the it less frustrating. Paint brushes for acrylic painting need to have high-quality bristles to hold and deliver pigments better.

    Different brush shapes leave different marks, and you always want to use the right tool for the job to maximize control. Here's a bundle that gives you everything you need to start making gorgeous paintings.

    Create masterful pieces of art without worries using the Benicci 40-Piece Paint Brush Set!

    Whether you specialize in acrylic, watercolor, or oil, our impressive collection of paint brushes won't let you down. These brushes come in a wide variety of shapes, giving you plenty of options while painting. We even included a convenient storage case to keep them secure and organized while traveling!

    Versatility is the defining feature of this watercolor brush set, boasting 40 unique brushes with three types of bristles. Nylon bristles are very sturdy and easy to clean, while pony hair is soft without compromising strength. Meanwhile, hog bristles are able to spread even thick paints smoothly and evenly.

    Our product will meet the demands of even the most discerning of artists. The ergonomically designed handles make them easy to use for highly detailed work, while the bristles have superb longevity. They will not fray, shed, or stain easily, performing well for a long time to come. A must-have kit to complete your acrylic paint set.

    What else should you know about our product?

    ✅ Suitable for both beginners and professionals, young or old
    ✅ Safe to use for face painting on kids
    ✅ Well-balanced and lightweight handle

    Don't let your creativity be limited by low-quality tools. Add this 40-Piece Paint Brush Set by Benicci to your cart today!

  • Does this set come with a warranty or guarantee?

    Yes! We offer an ironclad 90-day 100% guarantee -- love the brushes or your money back! Plus, all brushes and tools in the kit come with a full replacement warranty! You can rest assured that you have the best quality brushes in this kit.

    Does this set come with a carrying case?

    Yes! This paint brush set comes in a convenient rubber carrying case! This storage wrap ensures that your oil paint set is always organized.

    What can I use these brushes for?

    These versatile paint brushes can be used for acrylic, oil, watercolor, and even makeup or body paint. We've included a palette knife and watercolor sponge so that you can have the perfect set of tools for your artistic vision.

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