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Bath and Foot Soak

Bath and Foot Soak

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QUALITIES: Our pure all-natural ingredients gently clean and Detoxify. Salts dissolve quickly in your bath water and help soothe aches and odors naturally. Rejuvenating and therapeutic bath salts to soothe and revive sore muscles. These salts facilitate a relaxing soak ideal for the bathtub and foot soakers. 

SUITABLE for adults, teens, and kids, the entire family. A spa experience at home. Relax in the comfort of your own home. 

CRUELTY-FREE, non-abrasive, parabens-free, Sulfates, and propylene glycol free. BPA Free Packaging. No additives, fillers, or artificial fragrances. 

HANDCRAFTED AND ECO-FRIENDLY, made with love in small batches, packed in a simple, eco-friendly, compostable, BPA-free, food-grade kraft bag. Includes a mini bamboo scoop.

VALUES, we are a small conscious business committed to the mindful consumer. 

Enjoy worry-free relaxation while detoxifying your foot, leaving your feet clean and odor-free. Soothes sore, tired feet while reviving tired, aching muscles, bringing stiff, overworked bodies back to life. The Epsom salt slowly massages your skin and relaxes your body with only all-natural, safe, reliable, simple ingredients.

Ingredients: Sea salts, Epsom salts, kaolin clay, green tea powder, and lavender essential oil.

Directions: Fill the foot basin or tub with warm water and add 1 oz of foot soak for every gallon. Mix it until salts dissolve, and enjoy as you dip your feet for 20-30 mins. Then dry your feet with a clean cloth, and moisturize your feet with our lotion bar for better results. You´ll feel like a brand new person.

Weight: 4oz.

Crafted with love by artisan's hands in small batches.

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