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15ML B-7000 Multi-Purpose Glue

15ML B-7000 Multi-Purpose Glue

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Product Description: 

【Multi-Purpose】B7000 comes with needle adhesive, which is a kind of special environmental super glue that can meet the needs of clothes, cloth, toys, rhinestones, all sorts of decorations, flowers, fabric, shells, jewelry, handicrafts, and other industries.


【Versatile】Compared with E6000, B7000 110ml contact adhesive is the leading choice for mobile phone and tablet repair; it has straightforward, solid content. This adhesive is versatile because of its excellent curing time and viscosity.


【Convenient】The needle design makes jewelry glue suitable for exquisite handicraft production with no mess. It will not cause blockage after use.



❥Type: Glue

❥Color: Transparent

❥Capacity: 15ml 

❥Surface Drying Time: 2 to 5 Minutes

❥Complete Cure Time: 24 - 48 Hours

❥Compatible with: Universal For Jewelry handcrafts Phone and Others Peachy

Solid Content: 30%-35%


Temperature range: -35 degrees to 90 degrees


Preservation: Save at 10°-28°

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